Owning A Business Is Always A Gamble,

But No One Wants To Bet Their Soul…


Especially when they’re looking for funding. 

Too often, playing the funding game feels more like life and death than business as usual.

Funding Your Business Without Selling Your Soul will teach you how to stack the deck in your favor with three simple steps:


  • Know what you’re worth,
  • Know what the different types of money people (the Suits) want, and
  • Only look for funding at tables where you’ve got an amazing hand

“Don’t partner with a daredevil if you get scared riding the ferris wheel.”

Stephanie Sims


Bet On Yourself!

Funding Your Business Without Selling Your Soul teaches you the fundamentals of the funding game in plain English – no smoke, mirrors or hype. You’ll learn how to make the most of the time you spend searching for funding by using every business owner’s ace in the hole:

The best way to attract funding is to build your business into a good investment.

Instead of letting the funding search become a distraction, you’ll learn which cards to play that will improve your Finance-Ability™ and grow your business at the same time. Because great gamblers only take risks they can calculate – and they never bet the farm!

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“It’s not just the money, it’s where the money can take you.”

Stephanie Sims

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Meet The Author

Stephanie Sims is a recovering investment banker and champion of small business owners. Her 25 years of experience working with firms as big as Goldman Sachs to those as small as her  parents’ local printing business taught her one thing: The owner’s lack of knowledge (and  interest in) finance is often the biggest obstacle to them obtaining funding. 

Stephanie’s on a mission to change the way businesses get funded by educating owners about their Finance-Ability and teaching them how the Suits operate. She believes that every business owner can grow their dreams and their profits – but they have to know their worth.

Stephanie resides in Arizona with her husband and three children.

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